In general

Dermosil.fi sell and deliver Dermosil products in Finland. Our other webshops, dermosil.se, dermosil.ee, dermosil.eu and dermosil.ru sell Dermosil products to Sweden, Estonia, within the EU and Russia.

To make an order you don't need to register or log in. To earn bonus points from your order and be able to use the benefits from our Premium loyalty program you need to log in to our webshop with your username and password. 

We can't guarantee that all products are in stock, you can check the availability of the products in our webshop, dermosil.eu. The order is processed by the availability of the products at the time of order. Unfortunately we don't offer belated deliveries EFTERLEVERANS.

All our prices are in euro and include VAT, 24%.  We reserve the right to adjust price and sales days. We can raise or lower the price on the products, but the price stated at the time of order is always the correct price for the customer. At checkout you can see the total sum of the order, including VAT and possible delivery costs. A guardian needs to make the orders for persons under the age of 18. Dermosil products are sold only for personal use and not for resale. We sell our products straight to private customers or people who order in a group.

Order and payment

When your order has been registered, you'll get order confirmation to the e-mail address that you have given in your order details.

We offer the following payment method:

All of our customers can pay via Klarna as a method of payment regardless of Premium level or time of registration.

Payment via Klarna
Along with Klarna Bank AB (main office at Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden), we are offering the following methods of payment at our online checkout. Payment is made directly to Klarna: Invoice, partial payment, payment by card as well as direct payment via internet banking.

Klarna methods of payment:  
Invoice: 14 days to pay after the products have been sent. You can find the conditions of Klarna invoices here.
Flexible partial payment: You can pay for your purchases in flexible monthly installments, pay at least 1/24 of the amount (however always at least 5 EUR including the interest for remaining credit). 
Fixed partial payment: You can choose between various monthly installments at the online checkout. The installments will be smaller for each month as the unpaid credit amount decreases. The conditions for flexible partial payment and fixed partial payment as well as standardized European consumer credit information can be found here.
Direct payment via internet banking: Nordea, DanskeBank, Aktia, S-Banken and OP.
Payment by card: You can also pay by card.

If you have any questions regarding payments, please contact Klarna or call Klarna customer service at 09 425 99 771. You can always monitor your purchases and invoices from Klarna website. You can find more information about Klarna here and the terms of use here. Klarna processes your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws and Klarna’s data protection policy.
Please note that we cannot process your order if you have chosen Klarna as a method of payment but the payment was not successful for any reason.


Supplement to an order

A supplement to an existing order can't be done. A late supplement to an order will result in a charge of 5.90 EUR for shipping and handling. Indicate the order confirmation number when making a supplement to an order.

Supplements or changes are not allowed to orders.

Campaign code

Campaign products can't be added to an order that already have been made. If there are several active campaign codes during the sales period, you can only use one code together with your order.

Delivery time

We offer our customers quick delivery. Depending on the method of delivery selected, the delivery will take place in 3–5 working days. We will notify of any deviation in delivery time via the online store.

Delivery method and costs

There is no minimum order amount in the online store. All orders above 100€ will be sent without delivery fee, orders below 100€ delivery cost is 5.90€.


Postal parcel implies the following type of delivery: Pick-up from your own point of collection, Pick-up from a requested point of collection, automated parcel locker and Matkahuolto’s near parcel.

Home delivery and Express take place via the following type of delivery: Home delivery by postal service (Home parcel) and delivery to the specified address by postal service (Express parcel).

If a customer places many orders to the same address within a few days, we reserve the right to deliver them in the same parcel.

The following types of delivery can be selected:

Delivery to a specified address (Express parcel)
The Express parcel is the quickest type of delivery. The postal service delivers your parcel to the specified address. If the recipient cannot be reached, delivery notification is left and the parcel is available for pick up at your own point of collection.

Home delivery (Home parcel)
The postal service will contact you via sms and the delivery time will be agreed upon. If the recipient cannot be reached via telephone, delivery notification is left at the specified address. The recipient is then requested to contact the postal service to agree on a delivery time.

Pick-up from your postal service point (Postal parcel)
The postal service will send delivery notification via sms and the parcel can be retrieved from your point of collection. It is very important that you give your cell number when choosing this type of delivery. The parcel is delivered as a post parcel if you do not choose another type of delivery.

Pick-up from the selected postal service point (Postal parcel)
Choose the postal point of collection from where you will receive the parcel. The postal service will send a delivery notification and the parcel will be available at the selected point of collection. The delivery notification will be sent via sms, and it is very important that you give a cell number when choosing this type of delivery.

Matkahuolto’s near parcel
Your order will be delivered to the nearest parcel service location within 3–5 days from when the parcel was sent from Dermoshop. The points of collection for a near parcel are Matkahuolto, Matkahuolto authorized representatives, K-Market, R-kioski and other parcel service locations cooperating with Matkahuolto.

Automated Parcel Locker (Postal Parcel)
The postal service will send a delivery notification and box code via sms. The parcel can be received from the selected automated parcel locker. If the parcel is too large to fit in the automated parcel locker or if the automated parcel locker is full, your parcel will be directed to the nearest point of collection. In such a case, the postal service will notify via sms. Please note that this type of delivery can only be chosen when ordering via the online store. It is very important that you give a cell number when choosing this type of delivery.

If your order contains products that contain types of dangerous materials, e.g. aerosol products, problems may occur when delivering to certain automated parcel lockers. This depends on the characteristics of the selected automated lockers and regards the following postal service automated parcel lockers:

This is how delivery takes place to an automated parcel locker 

1. You will receive an sms with a code to open the automated parcel locker.
When your parcel arrives to the automated parcel locker you have chosen, you will receive information about this via an sms. Save the message, you will need it to retrieve the parcel. The parcel is kept in the automated parcel locker for 7 days.
2. At the automated parcel locker: Select “Receive parcel”.
Enter the code that you received in the sms. The automated parcel locker notifies in which box the parcel is located. Press “Open box” to open the box.
3. The box is opened.
Remove your parcel and properly close the door. If necessary, you can return the parcel within 14 days using the same code that you used when receiving the order.

Bonus products

When you order from our webshop you get bonus points of the total sum. You can use your bonus points together with the current order or the next one by choosing products from the varying bonus assortment.

Your bonus points are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Your points will be removed if you haven't used them for the past year. You can't change bonus products or add more bonus products to your order afterwards. Dermoshop has the right to correct the customer's bonus points for example because of returns. You can also save your bonus points and use a bigger amount of points later, as long as the points are still valid.

Dermosil Premium

Dermosil Premium is our loyalty program that reward our active customers. You will automatically become Premium Silver customer when your annual purchases exceed 400 euro and Premium Gold customer when your annual purchases exceed 1 000 euro. Your customer status will automatically be updated according to your purchases. The Premium membership is valid for one year at a time. To the total sum is all orders that have been made in our webshop counted. Only the sum of the bought products are counted, delivery costs are not included. 

The premium calculation is updated to my page when the package is packed and sent from Dermosil. At my page you can follow the progress and see how far it's to the next Premium status. If you're already Premium Silver or Gold customer, you can see how long your membership is valid. We reserve the right to change the Premium program's offers and terms.

Forum and product reviews

We reserve the right to use product reviews and messages that our customers have published in our webshop and in our forum in Dermosil's marketing material and other Dermosil publications. 

We presume that the product reviews and discussions in our Forum comply to good manners and legislation. In our Forum you can write comments about Dermosil products, the business and its operations. We are happy to receive both positive and negative feedback. We immediately delete posts that are inappropriate or insult other customers or external actors.

If you notice inappropriate product reviews or comments in our Forum, please inform customer service.

Product guarantee and return

Dermoshop has full product guarantee. Faulty or damaged product will be replaced with a new one. Dermoshop offer 3 months right of return from the date of purchase. If you return a product,you have to pay for product return, only the sum of the product will be refunded, not the delivery costs.

We don't replace products that have been damaged because of the customer's carelessness. When the customer receives the package it's his/her responsibility to check that the products aren't faulty and to use and store the products in the correct way.

How to return a product from Latvia & Lithuana via OMNIVA parcelmachine:
How to return a parcel?
1.    Bring the product you want to return to the nearest Omniva parcel terminal. 
2.    Touch the screen, select necessary language, then select in menu “Return shipment”. 
3.    Enter on the screen the return code you received with a text message or e-mail. 
4.    Stick on the parcel the printed address card. You will find the address card in the section under the payment terminal. 
5.    Place shipment in the locker, which will open, close the door and confirm parcel sending, pressing the button “Confirm” on the screen. 
6.    If you want, you can print a receipt.
If there is a bar code available on the parcel, after return function selection it is enough to scan barcode. Remember! You can also enter the tracking number manually. 

Paket som levererats med posten returneras till adressen:
Kundretur 600833
PB 3
66201 Korsnäs


In case of disputes relating to purchases, the consumer has the right to have the matter handled by the Consumer Disputes Board. The consumer is initially recommended to contact the magistrate for consumer advice. If consumer advisement has not been contacted, there is a danger that the Consumer Disputes Board will not handle the case.

Tvister Disputes between companies and consumers with regards to purchases from the internet can be resolved on the European Commission’s international platform (ODR forum). The service operates in all of the European Union’s official languages. The adjudication of the dispute is also notified in the mother tongue of the consumer. In case the consumer wants to direct a complaint to Dermoshop Ab via this forum, the address to be used is: customerservice@dermosil.eu.

Data protection

Dermoshop cares about your personal integrity and protects your personal data in the best possible way. Read more about Dermoshop's data protection policy here.

Recommended web browsers

We recommend that you use the latest versions of the most popular web browsers, e.g. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox. If you use an old version or another web browser there might be a chance our website isn't working properly.


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